Shizuka Mitsui Solo Exhibition – Part 1- Women Waiting for the Time

Where am I? Walking out to the corridor, I see evenly spaced doors lined up on the wall.
Wherever I look, the scenery is indistinguishable – I decide to walk on aimlessly.
The carpet lies as if to absorb my very existence,
Surrounded by an echoing sound larger than life, I tiptoe my way trying to kill the noise.
Then, a girl of unknown origin and time appears out of nowhere.
She smiles gently as she sits back on a chair.
Before I notice, the music playing in the background was changed from a waltz to jazz.
In front of my eyes, things I thought only existed in a remote land are imperceptibly lined up.
And now appears a world totally created out of oil paint.

I titled the first part of the exhibition ‘Women Waiting for the Time’ referring to my mother’s favorite phrase - To everything there is a season. There must be a world besides what we can actually see; there must be a definite ‘time’ everywhere. Fuzzy shapes that wiggle on the canvas, colors that change in an instance, and magnificent sparkles of intersecting oil paints! I paint boldly, delicately, and fiercely fast as if to capture the moment.

When I stumbled upon a vast number of vases in the warehouse, I recalled the Joseon porcelains that our family had at home and decided to create porcelain works. If anything, the paintings on the porcelains are like lucky charms, images that are dear to my heart. Thinking back on all the things from the bygone days, I paint the vases trying to make up for the time of peculiarity and awkwardness, those days of my youth.

The first part of the exhibition ‘Women Waiting for the Time’ (9/19/18~10/30/18) will be consisted mainly of my work from the past. I will be introducing my new body of work in the second part of the exhibition ‘The Tiger’s Spell’ (2/15/19~3/31/19).

I hope you enjoy the world filled with both nostalgia and present!

Shizuka Mitsui

Shizuka Mitsui (Born in Aichi Prefecture) – Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, B.F.A (2008) , studied in Paris (2009~2011), Tokyo University of the Arts, M.F.A. (2015). Solo Exhibitions at Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo), Gallery SIDE 2 (Tokyo), etc. Awards include The 18th Taro Okamoto Award (2015), Face 2014: Sompo Japan Art Award Exhibition, and The 10th Morikazu Kumagai Award.


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