Solo Exhibition by Shizuka Mitsui


Solo Exhibition by Shizuka Mitsui

February 15, (Fri)~ April 1 (Mon)

Opening Reception : Feb 26th (Tue) 6:30 p.m. to 8:00

Nensori Ponsorida Nensori Ponsorida………


The old woman’s hand gently kept stroking the young girl’s stomach, repeating the magic words over and over again until the ‘tiger’s paw’ erased her pain.


Now grown to become a woman, she swears that the spell worked wonder and healed her stomach pain.  She also avows that her grandmother’s hand that stroked her stomach so tenderly was that of the tiger,


I love that mysterious tale.- the secret spell that nobody had heard of.


It is the spell of the tiger…


The magic spell shimmers and comes to life. When the shimmer turns mystical, it starts to wander about, never staying in one place. The wandering shimmer is the woman’s tear; it is also her joy.  It goes round and round until it returns to the woman one day.  Woman always knows that this world is an intricate web of joy and sorrow.  She doesn’t care if that shimmering world is an illusion or not.  As if to latch on to something other than her own loneliness, she continues reciting the magic spell – the spell of anguish, the spell of sorrow.  The shimmer keeps on wandering until it disappears one day.


Woman knows that mysterious tale from days gone by…the wonder that started out of the spell of the tiger.                                     –Shizuka Mitsui

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