‘Inside and Outside of the Image’    Momo Yoshino & Kosuke Nakane


‘Inside and Outside of the Image’ Momo Yoshino & Kosuke Nakane

April 3rd to July 3rd

Art Platform Tokyo is proud to present two young Japanese artists, Momo Yoshino and Kosuke Nakane.  Although they use different media, they both explore idiosyncratic way of perceiving of space in Japanese aesthetics, and spirituality of Japanese culture that has developed within the society filled with myriads of constraints, conventions and rules.


In her recently work, Yoshino uses ‘origami’as her motif. Origami, just a simple colorful paper, can bring about limitless 3-D world of wonder, a proof of boundless human imagination within the borders.  By recreating the motif on the hand-made shaped 2-D panel, Yoshino produces intriguing image that springs out of the frame, expands, and ultimately leads the audience to the surrealistic pictorial space.


On contrary, Nakane straightforwardly tackles canvas or panel boundaries, an inevitable challenge for many 2-D artists. In his work, he deliberately encloses squares within a square or rectangle. By repeating the process, he produces multilayer image using pigments made out of natural minerals, creating movements within the frame that express transience and acceptance of imperfections, the traditional Japanese aesthetics known as ‘wabi sabi,’


Momo Yoshino and Kosuke Nakane both examine the Japanese spirituality – one by exploring and ‘outside’ the surface, and the other by rendering ‘inside’ the boundary. We hope you enjoy the work by the two young artists using completely different approaches.

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