“Asao Kodama solo exhibition Plant”


“Asao Kodama solo exhibition Plant”


Openning reception : 18:30〜20:00

We proudly present the solo exhibition ‘Plant’ by Asao Kodama, an emerging artist, who has been working mainly with oil on canvas since receiving her MFA in Oil Painting from Tama Art University in 2010.

The title for the exhibition ‘Plant’ is not only her main motifs but also is a figurative message – through her painting, she ‘plants’ and grows seeds on the canvas, imbuing life into her work.

Weeds and trees, radiantly blooming flowers, and fading leaves and petals on the pavement – sensing strong vitality in each of them, Kodama says she feels deep affection for ordinary plants she encounters everyday. Her depiction of plants is vivid, boasting their strong presence. Deeply rooted in the soil, they are far from artificially arranged beautiful flowers painted in other still life pictures. In her words, they are plants that ‘endure the rain and the wind, showing a sense of existence even when they decay.’ The forcefully and freely portrayed motifs appear to be celebrating ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘a sense of existence.’ Bucking the recent artistic trend in Japan using acrylic with feather light brush strokes, leaving airy touch on the canvas, she remains firm in generating thick and heavy marks with her speedy and bold brush strokes in oil paints. She is a unique artist who refuses to be categorized as ‘traditional painting‘ or ‘contemporary art,’ or even ‘abstract’ or ‘representational’ painter.

In this exhibition, she will present her award winning work ‘Chu,’ along with her new works portraying stones and waves.

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