AssoRTed Chocolates


AssoRTed Chocolates

10/1/2019 (Tue) ~ 1/14/2019 (Tue)

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Artwork credit: Jukan Tateishi, Teppei Kaneuji, Moeco, Toru Ishii, Kosuke Nakane, Hiroko Otake, Tatsuya Koiso, Ai Makita

Art Tokyo Platform proudly presents its group exhibition titled ‘Assorted Chocolates at the art gallery on the 1st, 2ndand 3rdfloor of ANA InterContinental Tokyo.’  It is concurrently held with the hotel’s chocolate fair which takes place from October 1, 2019 (Tue) to January 14, 2020 (Tue).


In this exhibition, 13 artists and an artist  duo across various artistic disciplines, anything from traditional lacquer work to chalk art, will be showing their original two-dimensional works inspired by chocolate.


Art Platform Tokyo, founded to provide visual artists in Japan with alternative channels to showcase their artwork, will celebrate its third year introducing artists at ANA InterContinental Tokyo in the fall of 2019. Cutting edge contemporary art, Japanese traditional painting, or craftwork…regardless of conventionally categorized genre, our aim at the hotel is to present these artists’ voices and introduce their unique expression 24/7.  In this exhibition, we will show the latest two- dimensional works by Teppei Kaneuji and Midori Mitamura, both of whose works are widely appreciated around the world, Hiroko Otake, popular traditional Japanese-style (Nihonga) painter, and Moeco, a TV personality/actress turned chalk artist, an anomaly in the world of fine arts, among others.


Scan the QR code on the caption and learn more about each work and the artists.  There is a special website for the exhibition (


We hope you will find your favorite piece in the hotel filled with the sweet aroma of chocolate.


Participating Artists (in alphabetical order)

Masaharu Futoyu (visual artist), Kenji Hirasawa (photographer), Toru Ishii (visual artist/ Itome Yuzen dyeing technique), Toshihiko Iwata (lacquer artist), Teppei Kaneuji (visual artist), Tatsuya Koiso (graphic designer), Ai Makita (oil painter), Midori Mitamura(visual artist), Moeco (chalk artist), Kosuke Nakane (traditional Japanese painter), Hiroko Otake (traditional Japanese painting), Tada (photographer), Jukan Tateisi (nonhuman artist), The Vehicle (visual artist)


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