Group Exhibition- Kotaro Isobe / Mitsuki Noguchi  / Yuuki Sori


Group Exhibition- Kotaro Isobe / Mitsuki Noguchi / Yuuki Sori


Art Platform Tokyo is happy to present the third exhibition, ‘Irodori (‘Colors’),’ featuring three contemporary Nihonga artists (traditional Japanese painters) – Mitsuki Noguchi, known for portraying profound and ethereal world with her original ‘crumpled paper technique’ using golden and silver leaf, Kotaro Isobe, who depicts biotope with his exquisite lines, and Yuuki Sori, who paints Japanese flowers in a stylish fashion using vivid contemporary colors. The three artists, all experts in painting nature, will celebrate the seasonal colors, ‘irodori,’ including that of cherry blossoms in their own artistic style.

Nihonga uses materials derive from nature such as minerals, gold, silver and washi paper. Traditionally painted on screens and sliding doors, Nihonga has adorned the everyday lives of Japanese people. In today’s art world, where recognition mostly goes to artworks that depict social problems and that are relevant to the historical context, Yuuki Sori boldy proclaims that ‘to brighten up the today’s living space’ is the concept for his artwork.

We expect to have some changeovers during the period to celebrate the change of the season, accentuating the colors of early summer in May and in June.

Art Platform Tokyo

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