‘Layers’  Two-artist show by Soichi Yamaguchi and Masahiro Masuda


‘Layers’ Two-artist show by Soichi Yamaguchi and Masahiro Masuda

January 16 ~ June 9, 2020

Exhibition has been extended. Stay safe and healthy!

(left: Soichi Yamaguchi Overlap of paint (dot) 2019/ 右:Masahiro Masuda Moment’s #32 2018)

Art Platform Tokyo proudly presents the first exhibition of the year, a two-person show ‘Layers’featuring works of Soichi Yamaguchi, exploring the materiality rendered in layers of paint, and of Masahiro Masuda, recreating the scenes from the present and from seconds ago through layers of multiple frames.


Yamaguchi’s interest lies in observing.  He is intrigued by small shifts in people’s observation that lead to changes in their perception. His series, Overlap of Paint, focuses on the materiality rendered in layers of paint and through the work, he suggests a new way of looking at pictures. In Dot, he turns his attention to the layers of paint in the pointillist painting, while in Dipping, he magnifies the mixture of colors on the picture plane, recreating layers of paint, a condition created when one applies colors using swift brushstrokes on the wet surface.


Masuda finds inspiration from films.  He considers time in our lives as ephemeral layers of moments, likening it to ‘sequential images in film.’ He takes a picture of an open space and creates layers of the image using a projector, thereby superimposing the moments, repeating the process over and over again. Then, by applying silk-screen printing, the image is layered on a canvas. As a result, the image one sees at the moment is, at the next second, preserved as a layer of the past moments. In this show, Masuda will introduce his new works shot in the guest room and chapel at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo.

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