“Masutani Makiko solo exhibition light relief”


“Masutani Makiko solo exhibition light relief”


opening reception​ 18:30-20:00
In cooperation with Satoko Oe Contemporary

We proudly present the exhibition “light relief” by Makiko Masutani, an emerging artist, who has been working mainly with acrylic on canvas since receiving her MFA in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2014.

The world that Masutani creates is filled with fragments of memories from her everyday life. Objects found in daily life are painted in beautiful colors, flowing in the picture. At a first glance, the tactfully composed image created by using both paintbrush and hand-made stamps appear merely decorative. After looking harder, the viewer will be dazzled by the complexity of its composition, starting to notice the existence of intriguing current surrounding the motifs on the overlaid picture planes.

Until recently, she often painted on a square canvas, a shape of a handkerchief or scarf, as if she attempted to etch the ‘season,’ ‘time,’ and ‘scent’ of the memory and capsule it on a familiar object that she likely carried it all the time. Many of her past works have a patterned surface, resembling a motif on a scarf. In her new body of work, she takes on a further challenge by ‘recreating the light at the time and weaving together a new scenery.’

In this solo exhibition, Masutani shows hers new and past bodies of work. She hopes to present ‘a collection of fragmental images that is dear to her heart.’

Makiko Masutani (b. 1982, Tokyo) graduated from Musashino Art Universtiy (BFA), and Tokyo University of Arts (MFA). Solo exhibitions include ‘Whose sleeve?’ (S.O.C/Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo, 2016) and group exhibitions include ‘open space’ (S.O.C/Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo, 2016), ‘Shape of Picture’ (ShugoArts, Tokyo, 2014). Awarded ‘Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi –Mitsubishi Estate Award. Public Collections include in Yamanashi Gakuin University and Mitsubishi Estate. Represented by Satoko Oe Contemporary (Tokyo).

For more information, please contact the concierge or the exhibition organizer.

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