Two-artist show ’Layers’ opens on Jan 16, 2020


Yamaguchi’s interest lies in observing, especially the small shifts in people’s observation that lead to changes in their perception. His series, Overlap of Paint, focuses on the materiality rendered in the layers of paint.  Masuda finds inspiration from films.  He considers life as ephemeral layers of past moments, likening it to ‘sequential images in film, and uses a projector and silk-screening to recreate the past moments.  Enjoy the new works by Yamaguchi, Dot and Dripping, his takes of pointillism and dipping method respectively, and those by Masuda based on the guest room and chapel in the ANA InterContinental Tokyo.

January 16th to April 15th, 2020 @ ANA InterContinental Tokyo Gallery  (1st~3rd Floor)

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