utopia, reduce, belly, forelock, visitors’ book, widowed

Yuka Shiobara

oil painting on cotton cloth
130.3 x 194.0 (cm)



When we hear the word “masterpiece,” we think of the works by the old masters of centuries past. Today, especially within the framework of contemporary art, the uniqueness of someone creating something, that is, one talented artist creating a “masterpiece” itself has lost its significance. In this exhibition, I’d like to reconstruct paintings that have been eliminated by history, using them as motifs.

As for the titles of the work which consists of unrelated words, I randomly opened a dictionary for each layer that I applied (except for the base layer), and selected words from the open pages. The act of randomly opening the dictionary is similar to that of unsystematically combining decorative patterns, colors, and motif in my composition. Each selected word has meaning, but the arbitrary list of the words signifies the levelling off of the significance of each motif and arranging it on a single canvas.

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