1990 Born and live in Kyoto
2013 Kyoto University of Art and Design, B.F.A. Dept of Fine and Applied Arts
2015 Kyoto University of Art and Design, M.F.A. Dept of Fine and Applied Arts


▼Selected Solo Exhibition
“VIVID-STILL” / Gallery PARC, Kyoto
“VIVID-STILL” / COHJU contemporary Art, Kyoto


▼Selected Group Exhibition
2020 “STEAM THINKING”, Kyoto City, KYOCERA Museum of Art
2019 “MIO YAMATO” project N / Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo


Residency Award for Female Artist 2020 – ZONA MACO by Foundation CASA WABI
“CAF PRIZE 2015” / Yumi Yamaguchi Prize
“Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2015” Tomio Koyama Prize
“Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2013” / Akiya Takahashi Prize


Through my paintings and installation works, I examine the way of life based upon my personal experiences and deepest feelings.

Although Mio Yamato is still young, she had already shown her works not only here in Japan but in London and Singapore. Her works are composed of painstakingly created dots using oil paints or fine lines drawn by a pen. The image that emerges out of her repetitive motions captures the passage of time on the canvas, producing somewhat a familiar image. Just like a tree that slowly adds its growth rings, through this long and daunting process, she attempts to visualize the sublime law and structure of nature. In this era of Covid-19, her work makes us realize the importance of the force of nature.

Recommended by Yoshihisa Kawamura
Chairman of the Board at DIC Graphics Corporation, President of Kawamura Arts & Cultural Foundation




Oil on Canvas

1940 ✕ 1303 mm


1,540,000 JPY (w/ tax)

Starting from the top of the canvas, I paint small dots in sequence. As I repeat the process, the alignment of the dots gradually becomes distorted, resulting in an organic form.
At the end of a hard day's work, when you put your tired body deeply into the armchair, I hope that this work will gently wrap you, just as it does to me.



Oil on Canvas

727 ✕ 606 mm


286,000 JPY (w/ tax)

All lines are drawn by hand. By using my own body, I’d like to experience the process of the gradual formation of the annual rings or layers of stratified rock over time. The shape of the first line is carried over into the next line. By repeating this process over and over again, the shape slowly changes and becomes whole.
I visualize that everything that exists is in constant state of change.

Inquiry to works

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