Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
– Albert Einstein

Art Tokyo Platform proudly presents its second group exhibition titled ‘This Is Now’ featuring 6 artists and an artist duo.

The year 2020 will certainly go down in history. As exhibitions around the world had been either cancelled or postponed one after another, artists had been reassessing their circumstances, reevaluating their stance. Today when people are still bewildered by the word `new normal’, the featured artists express how they feel and what they want to portray at this moment in their original two-dimensional works using their specialized techniques, from lacquer work to oil painting.

Yusuke Asai, who has been showing his work around the world, will be creating his renowned work ‘Masking Plant’ on the center pillar situated between the two escalators in the hotel lobby. The visitors will see the ‘masking plant’ made with masking tape grows in a couple of stages. In the time of uncertainty, this work representing hope for a bright future
is a heartfelt gift for the audience from the artist.

Art Platform Tokyo, was founded to provide visual artists in Japan with alternative channels to showcase their artwork.
It will celebrate its fourth year introducing artists at ANA InterContinental Tokyo in the fall of 2020. Cutting edge contemporary art, Japanese traditional painting, or craftwork…regardless of conventionally categorized genre, our aim at the hotel is to present these artists’ voices and introduce their unique expression 24/7.

Participating Artists (in alphabetical order)

Yusuke Asai (Painter), Toshihiko Iwata (Lacquer artist), Ai Makita (Artist), Hiroko Otake (Contemproary Nihonga painter), Yuuki Sori (Nihonga Artist), Aru Sunaga (Painter), The Vehicle (Artist Duo)

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